Be Sure to Call an Electrician After a Flood

If you have had a flood in your home recently then you may need to hire an electrician. Having a flood in your home should make you think about safety first because it is a major factor. Water and electricity do not mix well. It can be a dangerous situation. If your homes wiring and electrical system have gotten wet due to a flood, then you should find a good qualified electrician to come in to your home and inspect the wiring and electrical box. Sometimes the wiring in your home will not need to be replaced after a flood, but to be sure an inspection should be preformed by a qualified electrician. After a flood you should have the main electrical switch disconnected in your home for safety purposes. You should turn off circuit breakers and remove fuses. Unplug all of your appliances if they have been flooded by water. Then, as soon as possible try and remove all standing water from your home. Dry out your home by opening doors and windows and evaporating off as much water as possible. Drying out your home is very important. An electrician should be at your home to do the following things after a flood. A electrician should clean your electrical box and check it, he should look and see if there are any broken fixtures and exposed wire showing anywhere in your home, he should inspect all outlets, receptacles, fuse and breaker boxes, and replace things such as smoke detectors and thermostats that water has got to. He should also check all wiring that go to the switches and outlets in your home. An electrician should be very thorough when inspecting your home for water damage.


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