The 4 Unmistakable Signs That There Is Aluminum Wiring In Your Home

The records of the United States Fire Administration states that, "home electrical problems are possibly the causes of for 67, 800 fires, 485 deaths, and $868 million of property lose a year." And a common mistake that causes these is always fire-related accidents, particularly a wrong decision in the NJ electrical wiring work. Inasmuch as the government is always giving us wake up calls that electricity can be really hazardous, we should also do our share in taking care of it.

As a flashback, aluminum wiring had been consistently used in houses way back in the years 1965-1973. It was recorded that during these times, aluminum was cheap and readily available for use since copper was expensive and used mainly in the military especially so during the Vietnam War. This factor has made the use of copper more difficult to obtain. So, newly-constructed houses, or establishments, before were wired with aluminum. But then it was learned that this could possess danger in the house when aluminum expands and contracts as soon as electric current passes through it and this eventually makes the connections loose and may start fire immediately.

Thus began the standard practice of fixing NJ electrical wiring by licensed and professional master electricians. This master electrician should make it a point that the place will be secured against all common fire hazards and liabilities. It is a fact that years are actually devoted to attain certain skills that are needed in any electrical installation. The NJ electrician should be an expert and expertly-trained so that security and safety will be met.

It is also correct that all of us would become aware of the signs to look out for in our houses and offices, so that the possible hazards of a faulty NJ aluminum wiring will be properly faced, if not avoided. There are four signs that we have to be aware of in our daily lives that will tell whether our wiring are in danger already. Take note of the following:

1. Hot plastic installation has a bad odor. This will definitely be a cause for alarm and we should definitely call an NJ electrician right away.

2. Hotness will be felt in the cover plates of the wiring. This will eventually happen when the wire gets loose from under any of the terminal crew and receptacles connections because it will undergo contractions and expansions which will lead to overheating.

3. Discoloration can be seen in switches and receptacles. It is not safe to use damaged and crimped wiring since it will produce heat and eventually lead to fire.

4. The sight of flickering light is surely a cause to be worried and a signal that you need to call an NJ electrician right away.

After noticing such signs, it is the best move to call and consult a professional and well-trained NJ electrician at the onset of any of the four signs so that prevention will be made. He will have the place checked and secured in no time so that further accidents will be avoided.

One possible answer that an expert NJ electrician will recommend is to have the place totally rewired or copper wiring replacements should be done. It is also wise to retreat and upgrade the entire place, including all the light fixtures, switches, receptacles, and junction points. And as suggested by ESA, these major tasks should only be done by authorized and professional electrical conductors.

As a final word, it is also best to think that in dealing with aluminum wiring in your place, it is not the wiring that actually posses dangers but the connection itself. The dangers enumerated above are just some of the possible things that will be bound to happen if the proper actions will not be done. An expert and licensed NJ electrician will have to make sure that the place will be secured and safe when he has done the job specified to him.


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